some people


This latest collection of songs is a collaborative effort reflecting the strong bond of friendship and creative thread that runs deep with this Texas-based band of over forty years. Once again, WHEATFIELD offers up its own brand of music, crafted and shaped by individual and collective influences, styles and rhythms. The CD features ten new tunes penned, performed, recorded and produced by the band, in their usual unpredictable style; a genre-blasting sampling ranging from acoustic ballads with their signature vocal harmonies (Cup of Moon, When the Fog Rolls In), to all-American rock and roll (Come On), rollicking Bluegrass (Sweeter Side), to a funky mix of grooves (Love Love, What’s Your Story?, Some People), with some mid-tempo pop tunes and dancers (Better Days, Different Games, Do You Wanna Dance?). Band members Craig Calvert and Connie Mims team up with Ezra Idlet and Keith Grimwood (aka Trout Fishing in America) and take turns handling lead vocals, bringing their individual and collective writing styles and instrumental skill sets to the recordings.  The sole cover tune offering, U2’s Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For pays a respectful nod to the Irish band utilizing bassist Keith Grimwood’s high tenor vocal set to Bluegrass instrumentation with a touch of a Celtic Bodhran drum.

SOME PEOPLE is available May 5th, 2020 on


 Some People (3:39) (Calvert/Idlet) Lively thumping bass line with a mandolin and electric guitar signature riff woven throughout; Beatle-esque harmonies. 7.  Come On (2:55) (Calvert/Idlet) All American electric guitar driven, uptempo surf-rock sendup.  
2.  When the Fog Rolls In (3:24) (Calvert/Idlet) Ethereal, open-tuning guitar work with thoughtful bass lines, capped off with well-placed harmony vocals the band is known for.     8.  What’s Your Story? (3:58)  (Mims/Grimwood/Idlet/Calvert) Throwback funk style with a memorable guitar hook, clever story line, with vampy echoing harmonies.    
3.  Better Days (3:28) (Mims/Idlet/Grimwood/Calvert) Easy, country rock mid-tempo tune with a hopeful message and singalong chorus.   9.  Different Games (3:46) (Mims/Calvert) Mid-tempo pop ballad with solid vocals and guitars and a haunting memorable chorus.
4.  I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (4:26) (U2)   Rousing version of this well-known anthem with a Bluegrass attack, Celtic drum and a powerful finish.   10.  Cup of Moon (2:55) (Calvert/Attwell) Simple and lullaby-ish, with some dreamy vocals and instrumentation.
5.  Sweeter Side (3:13) (Mims/Idlet/Grimwood) Strong vocal harmonies on a Bluegrass bed with some enjoyable solo instrumental breaks.   11.  Love Love (4:06) (Grimwood/Idlet) Full throttled, driving bass and guitar work with electric vocals reminiscent of a 70’s rocker and disco vocals.
Do You Wanna Dance? (4:01) (Idlet/Grimwood) Cool and jangly little dancehall shuffle with some crisp harmony vocal work.